A simulation workshop held in Berlin at Siemens facilities has just finished after 4 days of hard work. The workshop was targeted to better understand "Process Simulate" application in order to have a common understanding of the tools already available in the wide Siemens software portfolio. Siemens PLM packed a full 7 sessions course in four days: many thanks to Gal that managed to keep up the interest of all the participants despite the intense agenda. We also wish to thank Siemens CT for their hospitality in Berlin.

Group shot (missing Ciprian that was taking the photo):


Siemens AG building that hosted the workshops (days 2-4) and entertained us during the breaks with rides in the paternoster lift and an almost Italian quality espresso at the “chicco di caffè” cafeteria:



Workshop participants undertaking some practical exercises (with Gal overlooking the execution and Ciprian very committed to follow the instructions):