The EU project “CAxMan” conducted a seminar, presenting what this and other EU projects are doing to support our future plans for innovations and to extend your network of new opportunities. The workshop in connection with the World Manufacturing Forum 2016 in Barcelona was an event to meet the people involved in current EU projects, understand the objectives and learn more about their capabilities and results.

It was exactly the right time to present and discuss the MAYA project. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. took the opportunity to inform all participants about the objectives of MAYA project in context of the transformation of today's factories into smart factories, which are intended to address and overcome the current challenges of shorter product lifecycles, highly customized products and stiff global competition.

It was an interesting, instructive, informative and profusely exhilarating event for MAYA. Exchanging views with and amongst all industrial and simulation experts was an essential part of the conference itself.


Panel discussion about key aspects of future factory environments