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The EU project “CAxMan” conducted a seminar, presenting what this and other EU projects are doing to support our future plans for innovations and to extend your network of new opportunities. The workshop in connection with the World Manufacturing Forum 2016 in Barcelona was an event to meet the people involved in current EU projects, understand the objectives and learn more about their capabilities and results.

It was exactly the right time to present and discuss the MAYA project. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. took the opportunity to inform all participants about the objectives of MAYA project in context of the transformation of today's factories into smart factories, which are intended to address and overcome the current challenges of shorter product lifecycles, highly customized products and stiff global competition.

A simulation workshop held in Berlin at Siemens facilities has just finished after 4 days of hard work. The workshop was targeted to better understand "Process Simulate" application in order to have a common understanding of the tools already available in the wide Siemens software portfolio. Siemens PLM packed a full 7 sessions course in four days: many thanks to Gal that managed to keep up the interest of all the participants despite the intense agenda. We also wish to thank Siemens CT for their hospitality in Berlin.

Group shot (missing Ciprian that was taking the photo):


MAYA will be present at the Computer Aided Technologies for Additive Manufacturing (CAxMan) workshop that will be held in Barcelona on 2 May, 2016 as pre-workshop of the World Manufacturing Forum 2016

CAxMan project will conduct a seminar presenting what CAxMan and other EU projects are doing to support your future plans for innovations and to extend the network of new opportunities. This event is informal to meet people in EU projects and understand their capabilities and results. 

Stephan Weyer from DFKI will discuss of MAYA in the context of Industry 4.0 at >4:50 p.m.

For more info download the agenda here!

Following the successful meeting two weeks ago, we had another Requirements Workshop in Wolfsburg, at the modern Mobile Life Campus building. The meeting room had an astonishing view at the internal courtyard (see picture below).



The Requirements Workshop meeting took place at FinnPower on 12th January 2016, in the training centre facility. After the meeting, we had a pleasant tour of the nearby factory. Together with FinnPower engineering team, we elicited the specific needs of the industrial partner based on a common understanding of the project.