Europe is a world-leader in ICT for manufacturing and has a leadership position in the field of simulation and forecasting technologies, with big players like SIEMENS and Dassault Systèmes. The use of simulation for manufacturing is widespread in several sectors and, as already mentioned, holds the potential to generate bigger return on productivity growth than most other forms of capital investment. The ground is indeed mature enough to further rely on ICT advancements coupled with the CPS paradigm, as a lever to increase productivity and competitiveness towards a reduction of “time to production” and “time to optimization”. Given the framework, European manufacturing has the concrete chance to recover from the economic crisis that hit EU countries. However, there is still the need to tackle a number of significant technological challenges, before a significant reduced time to production & reduced time to optimization can be achieve through multi-disciplinary integrated simulation and forecasting tools:

  • Technological barriers within the factory-lifecycle phases, that hinder efficient use and propagation of data. Lack of a common factory level vision to empower data sharing.
  • Lack of a unified approach to simulation tasks within different disciplines, that hinder the mutual use of diverse simulation results towards a holistic view.
  • Absence of behavioural models integrated within the CPS, capable to feed smoothly different simulation and forecasting tools and to drive the digital representation of the factory as projection of the real one and vice-versa. 

MAYA aims at developing simulation methodologies and multidisciplinary tools for the design, engineering and management of CPS-based (Cyber Physical Systems) Factories, in order to strategically support production-related activities during all the phases of the factory life-cycle, from the integrated design of the product - process - production system, through the optimization of the running factory, till the dismissal/reconfiguration phase. The concurrence and the cross-combination of the Cyber and the Physical dimensions with the Simulation domain is considered as cornerstone in MAYA innovations, to successfully address a new generation of smart factories for future industry responsiveness. MAYA finds complete validation in one of the most competitive, advanced and complex industrial sector in Europe, the automotive (with two use-cases: VOLKSWAGEN and FINNPOWER), where it will accomplish reduced time to production and reduced time to optimization.

In order to realize such a vision, MAYA addresses actual technological constraints through research and development activities focusing on the following three high level objectives:

  1. MAYA for Digital Continuity
  2. MAYA for the Synchronization of the Digital and Real Factory
  3. MAYA for Multidisciplinary integrated simulation and modelling

MAYA’s concept and motivation have been born within the framework set by the Pathfinder initiative, and represent a concrete first step to empower the vision that is there drafted and consolidated, thanks to the contribution of several academic experts and industrial key-players.

MAYA schema rollup